Promoting The Neon Industries EP

“I only wanted to create sounds. But they
created themselves. That is the discription of
the inner content. It is the basic, the ground,
from which all kind of things grew, partly by
themselves, partly through the reckoning
hand of the gardener.
But this hand was not cold and it never pulled
the correct time with violence: even in the
reckoning, the time, which came by itself, must
be the deciding factor.”

Vasilly Kandinsky, Berlin 1912

Am 15. Mai startet mit der Releaseshow im Kuba die Veröffentlichung der Neon Industries EP.
Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack, darauf was euch erwartet, gib’s hier schonmal…

VÖ: 15. Mai 2010
Limited 5-Track EP; cellophanierte Jewelbox
Preis: 4 € zzgl. max. 1,45€ für den Versand über die Deutsche Post Ag

1. secret sins – 3:29

2. neon industries – 4:21

3. don’t need proof when you have instinct – 4:38

4. moves – 4:28

5. bandages – 3:54

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved, unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.
All songs written and performed by alpha pony, 2010. Produced by Matthias Vogel and Thomas Kosslick at Dailyhero Recordings, Berlin. Mixed by Matthias Vogel, mastering by Florian Nowak. Cover design and layout by Tobias Engemann. All Photographs by Maximilian Middeke.

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